Lay-off Links

I found a couple of interesting links concerning the current lay-off situation.

The first deals with the effects of lay-offs. The second asks the question “Is Laying Off State Workers A Fix?”

He Makes A Good Point

Former Assistant Warden Ted Conkling recently had a letter to the editor published online.

“What did they do with the affected individuals? They gave them jobs with their same salaries. Where is the savings?”

IDOC set to reach $67 million in overtime for fiscal year

The Illinois Policy Institute had a short article dated Aug 4th. This time I am not providing a link to the story. It provides a link to another article which names two Dwight CC officers. So to maintain their privacy I am copying the entire article here without the links.


by Jarad Perry

How would you like to make $100,000 a year?  Sounds great, right? Well, that is exactly what 40 Illinois Department of Correction prison guards made last year.

To put that into perspective, the current Director of the DOC makes $130,000 a year. Read more of this >>