Inmates released: Who got out, what they did has an interesting search utility.

“Illinois released a total of 1,718 inmates early. While the Illinois Department of Corrections released their names, it did not release the information on their crimes or where the inmates were convicted. News-Democrat staff matched the inmates to that information to produce the searchable list found below.”

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AFSCME Retiree Leader Doris Clark Honored in Illinois

Doris Clark a 94-year old union activist was recently inducted into the seniors hall of fame.

New Lawsuit Sues Everyone

Did you work at C-15 last year? If you did then you could be a defendant in a lawsuit filed on Oct 2nd. In addition to naming eight officers, as well as a few Majors and Lieutenants etc, the lawsuit reads (note: I have removed all names, both staff and offenders) :

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Sarah Palin Visited Dwight CC?

I’ve had this siteĀ  for about a year now and I think this is the strangest link that has come my way so far.

Technical Snafu: ID-10T Error

My apologies for the lack of new posts and to the Facebook group. I had a power supply go bad in my main computer and while I have several computers here the only one that I had with the site’s settings on it was the one with the bad power supply. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that was a mistake that someone with my background shouldn’t have made.

On the brighter side, the power supply is still under warranty.