Daily Links: 5-22-10

Quinn Still Pushing Borrowing For Pension Payment

Hynes: Teachers, Public Employees Are Budget “Scapegoats” (VIDEO)

Daily Links: 5-21-10

Publishing State Employee Evaluations Doesn’t Help The Transparency Cause

Man talks to inmates about losing family to drunk driver

AP: Quinn’s explanation false

This just in… House comes back Monday, Senate on Wednesday

House Panel Deals Gitmo Closure a Major Setback

House panel votes to block Obama Gitmo plan

Daily Links: 5-20-10

To Borrow Or Defer?

Daily Links: 5-19-10

State audit raps Blagojevich for legal costs

Responsible Budget Coalition Calls For “Leadership, Not Politics” (VIDEO)

Daily Links: 5-18-10

Brady responds to early release controversy

Quinn blames Ill. prison board for early release

HB 174 And The Business Climate

Potholes Cover The Road To A State Budget Deal

Daily Links: 5-15-10

Brady Calling For End of Pension System

Brady calls for a “giant step, not a baby step” to retire the pension system in Illinois

Bill would keep public workers’ evaluations private

Daily Links: 5-14-10

Here are some comparative numbers for Illinois’ tax-hike debate

Planning For The Next School Year On A “Quicksand” Budget

Illinois deep in debt, doesn’t pay bills

Company outsources work to India … prison

Sweeping deal to improve Cook County Jail conditions

Daily Links: 5-12-10

Not much in my inbox the last few days, but here are a few articles I found that I thought interesting.

‘Show Us the Tax Breaks’ Debuts in Washington

Tax bills in 2009 at lowest level since 1950

What’s Wrong With Big Government?

Family of four healthcare costs $18,074

Daily Links: 5-10-10

Quinn says lawmakers ‘pretty close’ on budget

Brady makes strange denial

Daily Links: 5-08-10

Deadbeat state impacts prisons again

Lawmakers Leave Springfield Without Passing A Budget

State legislators leave Capitol at a standstill

Dunkin: “We Have To Man The Hell Up”

Here is the Illinois Legislature’s scorecard in the final stretch