Daily Links: 4-30-10

We Interrupt The Issues of Crime, Workers’ Rights, Transportation, the Environment, Housing, and Education to Remind You That There is an Election Eventually

‘Wage theft’ bill gains traction

Is the battle to take our pensions already here?
Greising Ignores Legal Dispute Over Pensions
Illinois’ Irrelevant Pension Reform

House Democrats polling members on budget options

Illinois’ Specialty: Taxing The Poor

Illinois Can’t Pay State Employee Health Claims

Family Denied Medical Treatment Because of State’s Debt

More Budget News

Lawmakers Mull Budget with No Tax Hike

Lawmakers: Session Over Soon, Budget May Linger

Daily Links: 4-29-10

Lawmakers Fear Deja Vu with Budget

New Report Debunks Myth Of The State Worker “Wealth Class”

Daily Links: 4-27-10

Quinn signs stopgap bill to pay prison guards

Reversing The Direction Of Corrections

Fighting For a Responsible Budget

Daily Links: 4-24-10

15,000 Jam Capitol to Protest Budget Cuts

S.O.S – Save Our State

A staple of prison security and film lore, the tower guard, goes the way of the dinosaur

Daily Links: 4-23-10

After The Rally: Another Look At Our Beleaguered Budget

Here is a direct link to the report (PDF) cited in the above article
Confronting The Fiscal Firestorm: An Update On The State Budget Deficit For FY 2011

The rally even got a mention on The Onion web site. For those who don’t know, The Onion is a satire site similar to MAD or Cracked magazines were when I was a kid.
Illinois Protesters Demand Higher Taxes

Payroll Taxes Become A Campaign Issue

Springfield Rally 4-21-10

15,000 RALLY | Union leaders slam lawmakers

Rally Swarms Springfield (VIDEOS & PHOTOS)

MSNBC Covers “Save Our State” Rally

T-Shirt Of The Day

Not Quite …

Daily Links: 4-22-10

No tax increase and slower payments

Prison Or Preschool?

Quinn to increase cuts, delay creditors

Vendors may sue state for money unless deadline is moved

Daily Links: 4-21-10

City prepares for massive Statehouse rally

New money-making idea for state:  iTax

Daily Links: 4-20-10

My apologies for missing the last few days. I was out of town on Saturday and busy over the week-end.

Illinois Statehouse rally for tax increase could be largest in history

AFSCME Council 31 is on Facebook

AFSCME Council 31: AFSCME statement on pension-cut bill

Illinois reconsiders early prisoner release

Prison workers get hard time over cell phones

What health care reform means for Illinois

Daily Links: 4-16-10

The Budget Cut Undertow

On Tax Day Here In Illinois, It’s Good To Be Rich