Daily Links: 2-28-10

One just for fun today from The Readers Digest site.

Crime for Dolts

Daily Links: 2-27-10

Suggest A Budget Solution
Quinn Administration Launches First-Ever Interactive Budget Web Site

Injunction over state employee pay moved to federal court

Daily Links: 2-26-10

For today’s links I found sites done by a couple other AFSCME locals.



Daily Links: 2-25-10

AFSCME Members Rally to Save Public Services

Rally rocks capitol

Fact Sheet on HB174
This is a link to a pdf file.

Brady pushes bill to eliminate state pension system

From the Council 31 web site

Senator Bill Brady, the presumptive Republican gubernatorial nominee, is pushing legislation that would bar any new state or university employee from participating in the state pension systems.

The legislation would effectively phase out the current defined benefit pension plan by requiring newly-hired employees to participate in a defined contribution plan, similar to a 401 (k). The bill, SB 3408, specifically provides that the state has no responsibility for losses incurred if investments in the plan should tank. The bill would not require current employees to be in the new “self-managed plan”.

The Brady bill would cover both SERS and SURS participants. Under its provisions, all new hires would be enrolled automatically in the “self-managed” defined contribution retirement plan—which would not guarantee any defined benefit at retirement. Current employees would have the option of participating in the new “self-managed” plan or remaining in the current pension plan. However, if an employee chooses to participate in the “self-managed” plan, under the terms of the bill, he or she will be barred from ever returning to the state pension system.

Video: “Digging Out”

Daily Links: 2-24-10

Mostly spam in the inbox today so here’s a couple for fun.

Funny News Stories

Stupid Crooks

Daily Links: 2-23-10

AFSCME’s No. 2 leader will resign

If the Civic Federation is right, it must be wrong!

Illinois Pensions: Senate President John Cullerton Backs Changes

Daily Links: 2-22-10

‘Doomsday is here for the state of Illinois’

Labor: Jobs Bill Could be Good for Illinois Workers

Daily Links: 2-21-10

Matt Mangino: What’s the Matter with Illinois?

Census rule change sparks debate about counting inmates