Daily Links: 1-31-10


Capitol Rally Set to Push for New Revenue

Daily Links: 1-30-10

Zalewski Wants Prisoner Early Releases Stopped

Centralia Correctional Center Vocational Training at Kaskaskia College In Danger

Daily LInks: 1-29-10

AFSCME avoids layoffs – Wandtv.com, NewsCenter17, StormCenter17

Prison staff don’t need a threatening memo

Capitol Rally Set to Push for New Revenue

State Journal-Register: “State government’s delays in paying health insurance bills hit home for employees and retirees” — the solution is more revenue

Attacks on public employee pensions intensify

Wild West On K Street? The Supreme Court has unleashed corporations and unions to spend freely on political advertising.

Daily Links: 1-28-10

I must have been sleeping under a rock as I didn’t know that Council 31 and the State were in talks over the layoffs.

Anyway, it gives me an opportunity to introduce a new “feature” (for lack of a better word) called Daily Links. These are links that I get sent to me on a daily basis.

Here’s what I got so far today:

AFSCME Council 31

Illinois Issues blog: Quinn makes deal with AFSCME to save jobs

Questions remain about AFSCME deal

AFSCME Cuts Deal On Layoffs, Pay Cuts | Progress Illinois

State, union reach deal to avoid mass layoffs – Peoria, IL

State, AFSCME reach deal on layoffs, pay – Springfield, IL – The

AFSCME Council 31

Quinn reaches deal to avoid state unionized worker layoffs

Union concessions save 2600 State jobs

Illinois Issues blog: Quinn makes deal with AFSCME to save jobs

Questions remain about AFSCME deal

The budget crisis

I got this info from an op-ed piece on the Norhwest Herald web site.

“This sad episode occurred against the backdrop of steadily worsening financial news for Illinois government. According to the comptroller’s office, Illinois had $5.1 billion in unpaid bills at the end of December. The state is more than 4 months behind in paying its bills.

Illinois owes $2.25 billion in short-term loans that must be repaid beginning in March. An additional $1.4 billion in unpaid health care bills soon will be submitted for payment. Add it up, and Illinois is in an $8.75 billion world of hurt.

Social service agencies that help the disabled, seniors and children are way behind in receiving state reimbursement. Statewide, local governments and transit agencies are owed $478 million. Universities and community colleges are owed $775 million. School districts and preschool programs are owed $1 billion.”

Inmates released: Who got out, what they did

Bnd.com has an interesting search utility.

“Illinois released a total of 1,718 inmates early. While the Illinois Department of Corrections released their names, it did not release the information on their crimes or where the inmates were convicted. News-Democrat staff matched the inmates to that information to produce the searchable list found below.”

Click here and scroll to the bottom of the article

Prison chief warns workers against speaking out

A January 13th memo from Directory Randle states

“Employees are reminded that they are not to release information except to the extent required in the performance of their job duties.”

The memo went out to 12,000 employees with the early release program controversy still going. While this is departmental policy, and has been since I started in corrections years ago, the timing of it couldn’t have been worse.

Read the full article at pantagraph.com

AFSCME Calls for Special Task Force

From the Council 31 web site:

IN A LETTER sent Jan. 7 to Illinois Senate President John Cullerton and House Speaker Michael Madigan, AFSCME Council 31 called for the immediate creation of “a special joint task force, including legislators from both parties and both chambers, to answer urgent questions about the administration of the corrections department.”AFSCME members include some 11,000 frontline employees of the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Read the rest of the article here