State gears to free prisoners

The Chicago Tribune has an article on the early release program some might find interesting.,0,6342072.story

It’s Official

Murphysboro American reported yesterday that the Illinois Senate overwhelminly confirmed Michael Randle as Director of IDOC.

The appointment expires in January 2011.

Council 31 Debunks “Bloated Government” Claim

A recent article at THE iLLINOIS OBSERVER, which I just found and recommend, states that according to a U.S. Census bureau survey Illinois has the fewest state employees per capita in the nation. In 2008 Illinois was tied for first in the top ten least staffed states in the nation. Whether that “debunks” the bloated government claim I think is questionable. What it does prove however is that any government “bloat” is not caused by an excess of state employees.

Former Director Walker Appointed to PRB

Former IDOC director Roger Walker was appointed to the Prisoner Review Board last June. The Senate still hasn’t approved the appointment.

IDOC Press Release

IDOC last Friday issued a press release stating that the agency will save $2.5 million in fiscal year 2010.

Early Release Coming Soon

KMOX, com has a short artilce on the early release program. It says it will start in a “few weeks”

How-To Post an Article

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How-To Comment Video

Here’s a video on how you can leave comments on articles. One thing I forgot to mention is that comments are moderated, which basically means that they don’t show up right away.

AFSCME Retiree Leader Doris Clark Honored in Illinois

Doris Clark a 94-year old union activist was recently inducted into the seniors hall of fame.

Please Take Time to Sign the Petition

Came across this in my inbox while trying to clean it out. The e-mail was dated 6-14-08. I was wondering if the link still worked so I tried it.

It does.

Click here to sign the petition for the Employee Free Choice Act.