Off Topic: Illinois Self-Sufficiency Report

Another site that really don’t concern the Union or Dwight CC in general, but some may find them interesting.

“The report illustrates that the struggles facing many Illinois families today did not begin with the current economic crisis. Economic security has been steadily eroding throughout the last few decades. Not only are more people than ever before without jobs, but over the long term the economy has shifted leaving fewer good-paying, family-supporting job opportunities available in the first place.”

Off Topic: Prison Gangs

I found a site that really don’t concern the Union or Dwight CC in general, but some may find them interesting.

It has a short history on about 40 white prison gangs with photos. I’m not sure who started the site. There is no “About” page and it doesn’t have it’s own domain, it’s hosted on blogspot which is owned by Google.

Maybe we should make Tamms a little tougher…


Change of Venue Sought in Union Lawsuit

“Illinois state agencies being sued by a union hoping to block Gov. Pat Quinn’s plan to lay off about 2,600 state employees want the case shifted to Springfield instead of southern Illinois.”

State to move forward with layoffs

On Sep 4th The Southerner reported that the state is going forward with it’s first round of lay-offs after the Union refused to re-open the contract. No mention was made of the lawsuit to stop the lay-offs.

Union Fights Lay-Offs With Lawsuit

In an attempt to block more than 500 upcoming lay-offs,  AFSCME Council 31 has filed a lawsuit. The suit was filed on August 24th in Johnson County. A preliminary hearing is set for Sept. 23rd at 9 A.M.

You can find the lawsuit and exhibits in the Documents section on the right.

Retirees To Start Paying Portion Of Their Dental Benefits

The Pantagraph is reporting that beginning in October state retirees will have to pay the same amount for dental insurance as current state employees.

“The union had no warning of this policy change and we will use contractual, legal, and other tools to attempt to reverse this action by the Quinn administration,” Council 31 Executive Director Henry Bayer said on the union’s Web site.”

Sarah Palin Visited Dwight CC?

I’ve had this site  for about a year now and I think this is the strangest link that has come my way so far.

Video Found On YouTube

DNA Law Misses 50,000 Felons

“An estimated 50,000 felons have been released from Illinois prisons or county probation without submitting DNA samples as required by law, leaving a gaping hole in the 7-year-old program designed to link known criminals to unsolved crimes.”